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Originally Posted by mapuda View Post
I posted this in the Alternator thread but want to replace the regulator now too.


About 4k miles ago or Feb. 12 to be precise, I replaced my BMW stator with an Electrosport Stator. Life was good. I have a voltage monitor from Twisted Throttle; RED - less than 11.5 volts, AMBER - 11.9 to 11.5 volts, and GREEN - 12 volts +.

When I first installed the Electrosport I would get Green at idle. Last couple of mornings on start up I would have a Red light until the rpm's were above about 2500. Today riding home from work at 75mph ~ 5K I had a flashing Red which I take to mean zero stator output.

Tomorrow I will test the stator as listed in other threads. I am hugely bummed.

I have not yet had the OEM stator re-wound. Does anyone have any recommendations? I live in Las Vegas, NV.

I read about someone who replaced 3-4 stators (re-wound) in fairly rapid succession. Is it possible that the cause of the Stator failure is the Regulator? I got about 4k miles on a new Electrosport. I will test tomorrow but I imagine that one of the windings has opened or shorted.
When Joel offers advice I listen carefully...... His take was....few R/R' were faulty....if any.... But as he mentioned...the Stock stator is build....should we just say with better component's.... including the insulating...than the aftermarket units. But as we are now learning and testing here.....the R/R....although not failing.... it is not a good one...and perhaps should be replaced... Not with a stock one... But with a mosfet from a known good source....Or as one member here soon will tell how his series R/R will perform. So far my beta testing on the mosfet is good.... At least on the battery side.... No clue what if any effect it has on the stator. Theoretically.... it should cool it a bit.....

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