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Hi everyone. Iím a new proud owner of 2012 F800GS and Iím closely watching all threads regarding F800GS issues in order to be well prepared. But this stator failure makes me very concerned. I do not ride as much as many of you and for sure mine will be out of warranty when it reaches the threshold mileage after which a stator failure is expected.

While searching for solution I came across one small company in Croatia ( which makes all sorts of electronic devices and among all other things they make R/Rs for motorcycles and boats. IĎve contacted them and described to them the problem we have with the stator and concerns about using a serial type of R/R. I will translate in English what their engineer answered and what is stated on their web page. Unfortunately the web page is only in Croatian.

ďUsing serial type of R/R should not cause an issue with other electronic devices on the motorcycle. What about the ignition system and ignition coils? They produce by far higher impulses and noise in the electrical system. However the serial type of R/R suffers from another issue. All serial types of R/Rs which have thyristors and diodes in the design do not operate well on higher revs. The thing is that the inductive component of the generatorís impedance gets higher, and higher amount of energy is produced in shorter time intervals. In this condition the serial R/R cannot properly discharge the energy and then constant DC current will occur from two phases towards the third phase of the generator. This usually occurs above 8000 rpm. The solution is hybrid type of R/R which has both serial and parallel type of regulation. Most of the time it operates in serial mode and when it senses the critical voltage it will switch to parallel mode. It also has voltage protection in order to limit the voltage at 14.6 VĒ

So, they produce parallel, serial and also hybrid type of R/R. As I can see on their web page the hybrid one is their best selling R/R and so far they never had any issues or faulty R/Rs of this type. They state that the components which they use are high quality components and are rated for 40-60% higher current than the rated current of the R/R which is 30A. The thing is that they use large heat sinks, usually larger than most R/Rs on the market, especially on their hybrid one. But they offer option for the hybrid one to be built in two housings, one for the serial and other for the parallel one. You can also buy the serial one and if you notice charging issues later you can add the parallel one to complete the hybrid R/R. This is the model they recommended for the F800GS and the list of motorcycles on which they fitted this R/R

Unfortunately they donít sell outside Croatia.

On their web page they have a lot of practical advices and information regarding R/Rs, charging systems, generators and examples how to test the R/R, generator and also measuring insulation of the generator. I will translate the most interesting topics and I will post them here.

P.S. Here is one interesting battery monitoring gadget:
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