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Originally Posted by MrBracket View Post
I didn’t want to add the subframe tank or any other oversize tank for adventure riding. Husaberg did a great job of centralizing the weight on this bike and making it feel very light when moving, I didn’t want to change that.

To make longer trips possible, I needed to be able to haul gear and gas… Enter the moto-mule trailer!! With no tools, I can attach or detach this adventure trailer to my husaberg and have the ability to carry more than I’d ever need. I make these trailers myself and have a website at

Very elegant solution! Well done! Best of both worlds ... and retaining the brilliance of the Husaberg design to me would be critical. But as a long range travel bike? You guys are the pioneers! Can't wait to see the first RTW report by Husaberg!

I believe Big Al used one of your trailers to go cross country. His epic Latin America ride report is here:

Al sold his bike in Chile, then bought another in the South somewhere. It came with the trailer. He rode cross country with it ... and got on quite well. It would freak me out ... but I'd try it.

What does it weigh? (not loaded)

I've never towed a trailer. Seems there is a built in stigma against trailers ... but I'm beginning see just how great they could be on a long, RTW type ride ... especially for those wanting to go Two UP. Two Up on a dual sport bike is always tough. With the trailer it could actually be done.

One concern would be speed limits in the USA. Some states (like California - 55 mph max) have trailer speed limits. Does this rig fall into that class? Once out of USA, no problem. Nice Work!!
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