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Progress is slow, but I try to improve myself :)


While we got some rain during night, morning was truly beautiful.

We discovered some animals

Our improvised laundry drying device

While packing stuff to panniers, I found that my luggage was somehow loose on bike. Two of four M8 bolts were gone and third was loose My self-made pannier rack was really sturdy to hold all this stuff with only one and a half bolt on those bumpy mountain roads!

Luckily we had 3 guys just 300m meters away, installing 3G-network. Just 10minutes later I had all the necessary bolts (and 20 more ). For free of course!

So I could reinstall pannier frames and panniers and continue our trip without worrying about loosing my luggage.

And soon we're ready to go. Nice road, warm weather, just great!

This pig had some strange installation

Maybe an hour later we were at place called Vardzia, but no caves at sight and no signs. Something must be wrong? Are we lost? After some discussion with locals we knew, that we are really in Vardzia, but those famous caves are in other Vardzia! Few hundred km's away! Damn!
And so common for georgian people - as soon as they discovered that we don't have plans, they invited us to stay. Immediately they offered us local home-made vodka called cha-cha. At noon And while we refused (again!) they gave us one half-liter bottle of cha-cha to enjoy later. I never saw such hospitality before!

It was time to rethink our plans and we decided to head north to Svaneti and visit Vardzia on our way back.
Driving north through Zestafoni, we saw also legacy from Soviet times, so common all over former Soviet Union.

But we reached mountains again and forgot that architecture soon. Every now and then we saw some cows sleeping on the road.

It was really warm

Driving on amazing mountain roads to Lentekhi, we encountered some breathtaking scenery.

It was already quite late when we reached Lentekhi. We got best Khachapuri from here.

Main street in Lentekhi

After getting some supplies we head to mountains. It was Friday night and passing some small villages, we saw local people starting to gather.

Roadworks ahead.

Road to Mestia

Weather turned worse, it slowly stated to rain and after some searching we pick a campsite just next to the road. We hoped not to encounter a lot of traffic during night.

Our first (and last) rainy evening during our trip wasn't really enjoyable.

220km today, tomorrow - Mestia and Georgian highest peaks.

Beyond clouds 2011
Beyond arctic circle 2010
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