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Originally Posted by ebrabaek View Post
Perhaps " one way" is not a good Phrase..... as it really isn't. As you mentioned it is still a shunt....but effectively does a better job shunting the excess power, than the stock R/R. The red lettering is what I'd like to focus on, and it appears that heat dissipated within the mosfet R/ less than the stock unit. That does not necessarily mean that more heat is now present in the stator. But someone with more knowledge than me...could perhaps chime in as to the scientific explanation here....

I am certain the higher voltage is a good thing all around ... the battery is happier, and the stator is happier... win-win.

Without a real set of test cases being run, in which thermocouples are installed in the stator and the various configurations tested... I don't know ........... but thinking about it ... it almost seems like the -SC version of the R/R might be the "local optimum" ............
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