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I've had plenty of practice riding with faster riders If it's the first lap of the race I generally ain't moving over for anybody since they're probably in my class. Faster rider are generally better riders, so when I hear one come up behind me I'll throw a foot out on the side I'll expect them to pass me on then maintain my line till they're by. Faster riders can be vocal and not shy about you holding them up. When they start hollering move over and maintain your line then hope to learn something in the 3 corners you'll see them in after. Many guys will holler "thanks" as they move on the to next slow guy..always makes me feel good i didn't hold them up too much. In the tight stuff I'll not my head to let them I know I know they're back there and as soon as I can find a spot I'll move over, but never stop rolling, to let them by.
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