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Talking Tiffany Ambling through America

I'll be around for a few months, and I thought you might be entertained by some of my exploits,although maybe not as exciting as Tibet.

First of all, I have been reunited with Thelma, my 1992 R80GS, I left her with friends in Mexico a while ago, and it seems to have taken me a long time to get back over to this side of the Atlantic to fetch her. We;ve been through a lot togehter including Africa, Australia, Mongolia, the 'Stans, Alaska to Ushuaia etc.

I've started in Phoenix, Arizona at my friends' house, and my first port of call is going to be Chicago.
I'll fill in the rest of the background stuff shortly, but first a quick couple of pics from early this morning,

I'm making a quick getaway after camping in a farmer's field somewhere on the Texas and Oklahoma state line, I'm looking a bit concerned, but so would you if you had just spent the night in a tent that looks like this...

One of the poles broke as I was setting up my tent last night, it's not repairable, and so I had to make do with attempting to sleep in something that looked like it should have been put in the rubbish a while ago. Being thankful for small mercies however, I suppose I should look on the bright side that at the moment I'm on the road solo and so I didn't have to squeeze anyone else in it.
On the way home from...Mongolia
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