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Originally Posted by barnyard View Post
Back on the seat = bad.

In sand, you want to stand on the pegs, look where you want to go and lean to turn. Do not try to steer.

Try to think of sand like a boat in water. As a boat is starting out, it plows through the water. Give it some more gas and it hops up on plane.

Same thing with a dirt bike in sand, you want to get it up on plane, if you will. Stand with your body back and neutral, letting the bike dance underneath you.
I forgot to say thank you for this advice. I'm going to try to alter my thinking like this next time I'm in sand.

Originally Posted by eatpasta View Post
I would say for sure buddy up with a team or a crew of guys. These guys will be an invaluable resource for you in your learning process.
Also thank you for this advice too. Pretty cool deal as I've got more than a few buddies that are already in the ATV motion series so I'll pick their brains as much as I can. Hah except for when one tells me "You should ride, I walked the course and it's easy". After the race he told me "Whoops, walked the mini course, not the big bike course". haha.
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