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Originally Posted by HogWild View Post
I'm already a step beyond the heads-up display roadbook. Who wants junk getting in the way of your view? In 10 years when paper finally gives out, AUDIO will be the way to go! Just like in the cars where the codriver tells the driver where to go, we just replace the codriver with a black box. There's a reason I bought a year ago, and am well along on the black box part! I'll be supporting paper as long as I can, but I'm putting one toe on the dark side because it's the smart thing to do. If they don't like the old game, beat them at their new game!
Who's voice will you use for the black box audio voice over Scott...?

The Andy Grider edition: "Gaaaawdammit Orly... I said; keep off them poor bastards asses man... that's just not cool...assh¤le!"


The Michel Perin edition: "Carlos... I beleive we must go back... we miss the WeePee-eM... theese is no the correct piiiiiiiiiiiste... sacré bleuuuuuuu!"


The Johnny Campbell edition: "Well yeeeeeeh-hah! RG... I'll be over here in the fetal position with the belts tight... jus' holler if ya' need me!"

or even the Jean Paul Cottret version:

(to the right of vehicle) BUMP!... bubble bubble bubble...
"ummmm... excusé moi... Stephane...? Deed you 'ear zat...?!"

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