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I'm already a step beyond the heads-up display roadbook. Who wants junk getting in the way of your view? In 10 years when paper finally gives out, AUDIO will be the way to go! Just like in the cars where the codriver tells the driver where to go, we just replace the codriver with a black box. There's a reason I bought a year ago, and am well along on the black box part! I'll be supporting paper as long as I can, but I'm putting one toe on the dark side because it's the smart thing to do. If they don't like the old game, beat them at their new game!
Audio has already been done in a nav Rallye years ago. ( the condo 750 2day rallye) I think it was about three years ago a guy called Paul Sinderberry ( Good rider too ) decided he didn't want to use paper one year. So he bought a digital recorder and dictated each days calls and just keeped pushing the play button everytime he needed a call via a remote button. he wasn't even going to put the roadbook holder on the bike but the organizers insisted he have one on. Not sure how this method turned out but I didn't see him use this again.
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