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waiting for the 1090R

It still lacks a 19" front wheel to compete with the GS. It would have been nice for a slightly lower exhaust pipe to get more usable volume out of the right side pannier, although I imagine with today's noise/emissions regs, that is easier said than done. I doubt the designer did back flips when the engineer handed him the data sheet with the dimesions of the new can. I hope they add a little weight to the crankshaft to improve low rpm manners. I'll take 135 easily manageable low rpm horsepower on a slippery hairpin in the Alps over 155 good for the Autobahn, the racetrack but no where else ponies any day. Let Ducati keep their braggin rights; I won't lose sleep over it. Otherwise, it doesn't look like it turned into a portly beast the way the Triumph, Honda and Yamaha did - sorry, anything more than 240 kilos for an adventure bike is too much!

Keep in mind, this is all written based on the assumption that a stripped down 990 ADV / pumped up 950SE is on it's way cause that, if anything, will be the only bike to replace my 990! The pictured bike is what I classify as an adventure bike, the 1090R I am hoping for is a "Rip you a new one dirt road and single track with light luggage bike".
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