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D Tweed Passing Through from Canada

Dominic has ridden from Calgary, then to Vancouver and headed south to the LA basin where he landed in Ventura. He posted here on ADV that he needed to get some bike maintenance done before heading to Mexico, Central America, and then on to South America. Here's his post from yesterday:

I offered my garage and the RV in the driveway to crash for a day or two help him get his bike stuff done. He showed up last night about eight o'clock, we had a couple'a beers and made a list of repairs and service items, and shop names where he could get the parts he needs.

Here's Dominic with his vintage wide format camera, he'll have to post more details:

Dominic has a nice blog started here:

I wanted to invite the rest of the area FF's to welcome him. Maybe we can get together for a beer or a dinner or something before he heads south. I'm also going to send him some links for ride reports and route info for getting through Mexico. I suggested he definitely see Copper Canyon of which he had not heard of yet.

His contact info is on his blog, and he has the thread started above. He's at the house for a few days 'till he gets his service stuff done, then we'll send him off.
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