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A couple of tips from a slow guy that enjoys harescrambles.

the top 10 things i recommend----

1:Set a goal to just to finish the race. not be competitive in your class, just to finish. Get one under your belt then go racing.
2:Be patient off the start, you wont win in the first turn, its a 2 hour race.
3:Start hydrating midweek, pounding a ton of water the morning of the race isnt a good method. Start increasing your water intake on wed/thurs.
4:Get out of the way of the faster riders ASAP. Trust me its better to lose a little time slowing/moving to let them pass then having them put you in the weeds getting around you.
5: relax, relax, relax, breath, breath, breath, relax relax relax, breath breath breath, repeat in your helmet for 2 hours, LOL
6: Look as far ahead as you can, watch for the X, XX, watch for banners, markers obstacles. DO NOT look right in front of you. You will blow a turn, miss a corner, etc. Keep your chin up, imagine a tennis ball glued to your chin. Do NOT stare at the riders rear tire in front of you. Look ahead, way ahead, look where you want to go, not where you are at.
7: practice with faster riders
8: Have fun, dont take it too seriously
9: prep your bike meticulously. It sucks to spend the time and money to get to a race and drop out on the first lap because of poor bike prep.
10: Wear your saftey gear, its hot, sometimes uncomfortable but it works.

BREATH, relax, keep a loose grip, do NOT, i repeat do NOT quit. no matter how tired, sore and frustrated you are just dont quit. The most rewarding part of your first race will be seeing the checkered flag.

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