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That's a wonderful top ten list! Thank you.

The don't drink soda blows my mind though, my drive to the riding area coke has been a staple since I started riding. Makes sense though as along with coke I'm drinking a ton of water and notice that I end up having to pee A LOT. Eesh, that's going to be a tough one to knock out. lol.

Will make it a point to eat a banana or 2 as well. Should I do breakfast as well? I don't have a schedule yet for this weekend so not sure when we're starting. Probably around 12 I'm thinking as I know the kids and small stuff will be starting at 10:00am. Also not sure on duration yet, if it's an hour, 1.5 +1 lap like ATV Motion, or a 2 hour race. Will have to wait and see, schedule supposed to come out today.

Also was thinking of taking some choice quotes from this thread and making a "Enduro/Hare Scramble questions and answers" type thread with a lot of the pointers from this thread in the first post. What type of bike recommendations, what to eat, how to ride, things of that nature. Have it be kind of a newbie Enduro/Hare scramble catch all thread. Also a general racing discussion thread as well.

I have seen a few guys that have posted about their racing endevors but most of those guys are doing a full series, this would be for the newer guys looking to try out a race or two for the first time and seeking answers.

Any objections?

edit: Also gatorade or water? I'm not too huge a fan of gatorade or any of the super hydrating or whatever. Is water still good enough or should I look into also supplementing with some sort of sports drink?
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