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bits and bots..

Here are a few parts I was going to use but as of today I may be changing it up a bit..

I have always thought these turn signals were some of the nicest looking around. Classy and a nice scale.


I thought these bar end mirrors were pretty nice and would do the job. But now I may think about some of the repro Hella bar end blinkers, as I am trying to cut down on wires and general stuff sticking out and they are visible front and rear so I end up eliminating some clutter. Though I still am unsure due to not seeing a really good pic of the Hellas.


Originally I had found 4 of these cool 70's mics at the thrift store and had wanted to make them turn signals, which I did to one... but they just seemed a bit too much.


And here is the tail light I'm going with.. small bright and sort of retro. I'm toying with the ideo of it set up on the swing arm due to not being able to run elec. through the seat.

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