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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
This is a business disguised as something else. It should be bumped to vendors.

I could see a fellow helping a friend, but a steady turnover of used motorcycles with the OP making markets as a principal is just not what he claims. He is not credible.

The only reason he wants the thread here is to promote his services to people planning trips to the US.

I disagree. In any case, Wheatwacker already has a thread in Vendors for this. This thread seems to mostly contain testimonials ... and ALL are good.
He's clearly stated in the first post that this is a NON PROFIT operation. I doubt he's getting rich doing this.

Posting it here lets lots more "real" travelers know that such a service even exists. How many Euros (or anyone) would ever go to Vendors unless directed there? Not many. Sure, you can split hairs and report Martin to the Police ... but I see no abuse here.

This sort of helpful topic is what ADV should be about. Not Jo Momma, which seems to be the most popular forum on the site.

As far as Spam goes ... I see several Ride Reports ("the Crown Jewel" of ADV rider according to Baldy) where a few ride reports are nothing but thinly disguised promos for Tour companies, OEM's or other sponsors. Some have got away with this for YEARS ... So clearly there is bias on policing and wiggle room on the rules.

If Martin was schilling for Tourtech or BMW or pushing Dual Sport Baja Tours ... then I'd be the first to agree ... move to Vendors. But that is not the case .... and all the positive feedback from travelers proves this.
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