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Originally Posted by duffs View Post
Do a search for one of (in no particular order):

- DIN plug motorcycle
- Hella plug
- Powerlet plug

If you're constructing your own plug, the centre is generally positive and outside negative (I believe this is always the case but always best to double check). It might be a good idea to get some shrink tubing as well to seal where the wires come out of the plug.

Won't be constructing my own plug as the are fairly easy to find, and I don't want to have to buy another power cable to my gps to attach it to. And yeah I eventually realised that they were called "hella plug", found a few on ebay, even in sweden so I guess I'm safe. I think I'll rather buy an adapter than start ripping out the socket on the bike and changing it, however I will give it a peek, it might be easily changed to a "normal" cigarette lighter socket.
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