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Snakeears rides...

It's ANZAC day here, a holiday to commemorate our fallen in the wars Australia and New Zealand have been involved in.. so a last minute day trip was organised to the east of Melbourne in the worst weather we have ridden in.

Foggy and pissing down with rain

but great conditions for some interesting photos

The delights of Phasmid track

very slippy

tell me again why we do this?

Found this little lookout, bloody freezing up here

4 layers and body armor I feel like the Michelin Man

Bruce's KLX with a 300cc kit and a Pro Taper pipe on its first run, he loved it, heaps more punch, said he can leave it in one gear for longer instead of changing up and down all the time

Then the weather really set in

bit nicer as we dropped down the hill

The sun came out for a minute

After this shot my camera stopped working due to the cold

got back a sodden mess but a great ride, there is something special about the bush when the weather closes in.
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