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Does clutch lever need to be retained with EXP ?

Hi Guys,

Apologies for highjacking this thread but I'm after some advice . I'm a disabled rider ( cannot use my right arm/hand due to an accident ) who currently rides a Suzuki DRZ400 supermoto and a Spondon Harley Sportster flattracker which both have Rekluse clutches installed . I've also had a KTM 640 Adventure which also had a Rekluse installed . The ability to ride without the added complication of having to use a clutch lever has been invaluable and personally I think the Rekluse clutches are amazing ! I'm hoping to pick up a KTM 950 Adventure in the not-too-distant future and would like to fit it with one of the new EXP clutches . However, am I right in thinking that unlike the Z-Start Pro's which I've used in the past , you need to retain the clutch lever with the EXP ? As I am looking to not use the clutch lever at all would I be better served with the older Z-Start Pro which, from prior experience , can be used without utilising the clutch lever ?
I must clarify here that the 950 will be used solely on the street !
I'm in the UK and although I have been in contact with the Rekluse importer here they are , I think , relatively new to Rekluse's and cannot comment decisively on whether the LC8 EXP needs the clutch lever retaining or not .
I am hoping that an inmate can provide clarification on this !

Cheers ,

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