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This appears to be a very effective weapon to 'take-down' a threatening Walking Deader within a 20' arc (or so), by means of a simple decapitation:

Jörg Sprave's Circular Saw Disc Slingshot.

Sprave has built a slingshot that shoots circular saw blades down its path and they will fly a long way. The follow-up version has a top part that caused the blade to spin and stabilized the flight.

smaller image shows loaded Saw Disc notched behind release component.

Arsenal of Sprave's 15 "best models" of impressive slingshots

Only way to top that build of disc weapon would be to construct a 18 volt Lithium-Ion Laser Guided cordless weapon which ejects its disc along the path of its laser marker at full rotation speed, and which has a reloading magazine like a auto vinyl record-changer!

There's still a lot to do to change THIS into a deadly Laser-Aimed Rotary Saw Disc flinging weapon. The stacked saw disc magazine (Saw Changer) in particular is going to require much . . . . input & effort!

Inspiration for the Reload Magazine here! Its going be a "His Master's Multiple Zombie Head-remover" when its completely finished!
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