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My original plan was to get a leisurely start and only ride as far as Bahía San Luis Gonzaga, but the lost day spent dealing with my incontinent motorcycle meant I was going to have to combine days 2 & 3. So I got up at dawn and set out to make it as far as Alphonsina's for a late breakfast.

Once I got well south of San Felipe, and the miles and miles of speculative real estate ventures apparently gone bust, I hit the newly paved section near Puertecitos.

Since I had the whole road all to myself, the hooligan in me came out.

And then boom, end of pavement.

But the next section wasn't difficult. I kept it up in 4th or 5th gear almost all the way into Bahía San Luis Gonzaga.

The sandy parking area at Alphonsina's made it hard to keep the bike upright on the side stand. So I parked it out at the end of the runway. If somebody had landed long, or had to go around, they would have had a rude surprise.

Gassing up at the Pemex, the local dogs eyed me with some justifiable suspicion.

Then I headed south to Coco's

The ocotillo cactus was in bloom.

There were a few rocky sections on the way up to Coco's Corner, but nothing too taxing.

And then...

Coco was busy cutting up a sheet of plywood with a circular saw, with his generator roaring in the background. So we didn't get much chance to converse.

But he did pause long enough to get me to sign his guest book.

After which I toured the art gallery...

And checked out the lobby...

Visited the facilities...

And the opulent accommodations...

And took a stroll through the garden.

One of a kind.

Just before I left, fudgypup and Mark from this ride report rode up, and Coco enlisted our help screwing in a couple of studs. I, um, "supervised."

Then it was off to sprint out to Highway 1 near Laguna Chapala.

By mid-afternoon I was approaching Bahía de los Angeles.

Where I checked into the very comfortable Costa del Sol.

Nice room.

I met "Escooby" and "Lascaba." Poor old Lascaba is now old and blind.

Once I settled in, I got down to the serious business of drinking.

And while I was hard at work, a couple of fisherman buddies from southern California drove up and settled down at the table with me. Ed and Harold keep a boat down there, and get down as often as they can.

We sat out under the umbrellas, drinking, with them regaling me with Bay of LA stories from the old days. After a while, Ed excused himself and came back a couple of minutes later with a big cup of Bombay Sapphire and tonic, with a lime from his own garden.

Now, how did he know that was my favorite social lubricant?

You meet the nicest people in Baja!

I'm tryin' ta think, but nuttin' happens!
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