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I guess I derailed this thread a bit with all the chatter about the RotoPax etc. later, but I have an older Jesse luggage system, and for hardcases, I prefer them over all others. The way the front-bottom "edge" of the cases are beveled makes "paddling" in sand much easier(no corners to dig into your calf) and also the way the outboard-bottom edges are beveled gives a lot more cornering room on pavement as well. the way the top "edges" of hte lids are beveled also makes aggressive one-person stand-up riding much safer, and also makes it much easier for a pillion to get on and off the bike under all circumstances.

The bevels(all of them) also make the cases MUCH more rigid in a crash, where any other brand tends to crush and "parallelogram" to the point that they will not close or seal and often are very hard to get straight ever again. The lip that the lids seal to interfaces in such a way that the lid is also structural, preventing the parallelogram phenomenon further.

As I recently found out when I lost my key, the dual handle toggle locks take a pretty significant effort to defeat too - and you can't remove the cases AT ALL without opening them first.

The only drawbacks are the pricetag, and also that the mounts are steel, heavy, and not really all that ergonomic when the panniers are not installed.
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