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Riders helping riders, thats what we do here.

It's easy for me to believe that Wheatwhacker wants to help others. If I were needing a bike in a hurry this is a guy that I would want choosing a bike for me. For what I've seen his knowledge of bikes is top notch.

I met Wheatwhacker only once, the time he accepted the offer that I extend to all ADV members here; to help riders traveling south into Mexico.

I don't have much to offer but I am fortunate to have a home and garage in a residential neighborhood about 15 miles from the Mexico border.

I had never met or spoken to Wheatwhacker before he sent me a PM asking me to watch his truck and gear as he and another rider did a week long tour into Baja. We both took a chance, and I'm glad that I was able to help him out as I met a traveler, rider, and all around good person.

There is a sense of community here, people just wanting to do the right thing, Wheatwhacker understands this. Others don't.
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