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On suspension sag, amazingly enough, this is the first bike I've ever owned that the sag was essentially 100% spot on. It's helped that I've dropped to an appropriate weight for my height (180# - 6' Tall). Though I'll run through the numbers again just to verify.

I haven't sent out my suspension for anyone to alter, as I've been using the Shim Restackor program to do things on my own. I understand that I'll have my own limits to where I can take things with the program, as I don't have years and years of messing with things to fully understand it all. This winter I'll probably be sending out my suspension to someone, as I'd really like to have the rear end & front be in better synch with each other. Right now I really don't feel as if it's bad (though it absolutely sucks for anything mx related), but I would really love to ride the bike after having a professional tuner work their magic on it.

I used to be completely of the mindset that I should be able to ride around suspension, basically learn to work around how it reacts & be able to go from there. Then I rode a woods bike and realized that yes, I could ride around the MX suspension in the woods, but it would kill my arms after an hour or so of a race. I still probably err on the side of trying to work around whatever my bike is doing. I'm kinda bad in the fact that I tend to not really even touch my clickers at all when I'm riding.

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