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Originally Posted by skipman View Post
800's blah,blah,blah.................the only thing better than a 990 cc dirtbike is a 1290cc dirtbike. What the hell is wrong with you people? Oh... by the way, I love it. Just show me where to sign

Ha ha! Yeah!

I reserve judgement until I see the final version, and more importantly TRY it. More power is always welcome in my book... It seems there's a certain twisted pride in riding the biggest, baddest (and probably heaviest) bike places it probably shouldn't go. Will it have 10" or more suspension travel? Dropable? Lighter is always better of course, but if it's about the same heft as the 990 with a 30%+ gain in power I think that'd be cool. A 250+ mile range would be nice...

I too am excited to see the mythical KTM 800, but if it is similar to the BMW or Triumph in size and weight and focus I'll pass.

There is something special about the 950/990 Adventure: DAKAR WINNER! It'd be hard to top that...
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