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I got some sad news last week a mates mum passed away, I missed the funeral so he has asked me up to his property near Dalesford next week for a catch up.
I'm planning to take the long way, mostly by tar, I'm a bit excited I have never done an overnight trip before, those of you with young kids will understand.

After a good cleaning session it's off with the dirt shoes

...and on with these.

I recon tyre choice for the Melbourne area in winter is difficult. I tried using Dunlop 606's but I found I wasnt confident in the miles of twistys we have out to the east and when you get into the bush its mostly snotty clay and they clag up. So I tyre swap between the MotoX and road tyres, its a pain... In the perfect world I would have a V-Strom as well.

It will be the first time I load the WR up with gear, so out with the ocky straps ( I am open to suggestions here) I have seen posts with WR's loaded to buggery, i'm wondering how they handle like that?

So over tyre changing, it's like a gym workout, takes me about 1hr and half for nuts off to nuts on including a counter sprocket change from 12 to 13 for road (mmmm where's that V-Strom)

Ahh must be beer o clock, tools down.

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