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Bend to Seattle via the coast and Olympic Peninsula

Its about time I post some more stuff...

April 19
After hanging out in Bend Oregon for 4 days, it was time to hit the road. From Bend up to Sisters was sunny but the clouds were looming over the mountains. From Sisters to the coast I was in a downpour. I am so thankful for the heated grips and Klim gear on this trip.

Some where between Sisters and Eugene. Not as fun back tracking as the first time.

Pizza and beer in Florence Oregon. This is all the further I could go in the rain. Hotel with a hot tub is a must

April 20
It was raining when I woke up... and it continued most of the morning. By the time I made it to Hwy 26 to go to Portland the sun was shining through. I went to bar my friend works at "Putters" in SE Portland and an inmate recognized my 690 there. PM me if you read this man, I didn't remember your name. Sorry I couldn't nerd out on the bikes more.

Oregon coast north of Florence.

Pine trees growing in dune sand? Only in Oregon I think.

Fish Tacos at "Fat Freddy's" in Pacific City Oregon. They were great. Go there if you are in the area. Pacific City is on the coast where 101 splits off for a while. Very cool little town with a surfing vibe.

April 21.
Spent the day recovering from the night before with friends. Portland can be rough on a young guy.

April 22.
Breakfast at the Acropolis club was steak and eggs for $8. Hwy 26 back to the coast was busy with weekend warriors trying to get to the coast on a sunny day. Once I crossed over into Washington at Astoria it was smooth sailing. 101 goes in and out of some interesting bays in southern WA. Made it all the way to Quinault lake and camped back in the woods because all the lake campsites were closed. Beautiful river and mountains with snow. The pictures just don't do it justice.

Met these two gents at a wayside stop. They were out on a weekend trip and enjoying the weather.. suggested I go up to Lake Quinault to camp. THANKS GUYS! It was amazing!

Getting to the campsite. Looking North.

Looking South.

The campsite.

Dinner: Broccoli and cheese rice.. with extra sharp cheddar added. Just because.

The River.

April 23.
Saw some very cool waterfalls that I missed on the way into the camp site. 2 sunny days in a row. WTF? I had to go to Olympia to get fitted for a Gerbing heated jacket liner for the way up to AK. They didn't have my size in stock but a place in Seattle did. I picked that up a few days later after going around the Olympic peninsula. North of Aberdeen, WA, 101 splits away from the coast. 109 is a 2 lane black top that hugs the coast and ends abruptly in Toholah in the Quinault Indian Reservation. The GPS and Google showed dirt roads connecting to 101 so I thought I would give it a shot. I made it until I was 5 miles from 101 and there were some signs that said "Quinault Tribe members only" so it would be best to turn around. Back tracked to Pacific beach to camp the night in a very windy spot. Still a great view though.

Playing with shutter speed..

Scary bridge in the Quinault reservation. I had to cross the thing 2 times.

Campsite for the night in Pacific Beach

The view when I arrived.

The View before Bed

Had to get creative to give the tent some strength in the wind. Extra stakes would be helpful. The moto and a sharpened stick driven into the dirt will work for now.

April 24.
Woke up to rain. Had to pack the tent away wet. It kept me dry though. Headed north to Moclips then took the "Moclips HWY" to 101. It rained the whole day to Nordland near Port Townsend. My good friend Bjorn is doing boat building school there and the craftsmanship was pretty impressive. Very neat town. Time to dry out for a day.

Water bubbles on the outside of the tent

Bjorn and the boats

Steak, Clam stips, salad and frys at the Valley Tavern. Great place in Nordland.

April 25.
It rained all day. Called the KTM dealer in Port Angeles to see if they could do my service and I decided to do it on my own. "Uller" sent me a message offering his shop. That dude has everything! The highlight of my day was a burger at the Valley Tavern. You need to get this if you stop there.

Look at it. It just oozes greatness.

Nordland's Mystery Bay

April 26.
Went down through Bremerton, Tacoma, and up through Seattle to Marysville to Brad's house (Uller). We had my bike torn apart in no time at all... and back together by midnight. Heated jacket outlet installed, oil changed, valves checked and error codes cleared. Thanks bud!

Them man in his shop.

Looking at my error codes

Checking valve clearances.

From here I plan on snowboarding Baker this weekend and Vancouver island next week for a few days. Then up to Whistler for a few days on the board.. then up to AK! Thanks to everyone sending me invites for food, beer, and/or a place to stay. This truly is a great community of people.
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