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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
Why are there so many people replacing the failing stock R/R with another stock one?

Uller mentioned the solution last year (I gave him the idea ), the Shindengen MOSFET R/Rs are a very popular upgrade on many bikes that have problems with R/Rs...

Costs less than stock and is a better design, in OEM quality.
I've been trying to tell people about the MOSFET units ever since you told me about them. (each time I have given you credit and you find the one time I didn't.... Thanks again for the heads up back then. It totally solved my running issues on the 690. Don't know if I would have found the problem without you Lukas. )

I did a ton of research on the Triumph forums (they seemed to have the biggest issues of all manuf.) and then bought/installed the unit on my 690.

As Lukas mentioned, it really is an easy install. If you can solder and shrink shrink wrap you will be good to go. I am going to put a MOSFET unit on my 950 soon and will take pics when I do and create a little "how to".

The option of a premade unit from Ricks makes it even easier however, I won't be going down that route due to the fact that his kit still uses the brown OEM Stator connector and if I am going to put one on one of my bikes I am going to upgrade to a sealed style connector.
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