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Alright, before continuing I want to thank WFOPete again for that great Diamond Dons report here... it's really super!

I have a lot more photos but not much time, lets see how far I can before I have to go!

So far I have a couple of engines apart and have been busy stripping down gearsets and such. The next step for me was close examination and study of the various parts. Recall that I am working with different model year 465's and 490's so I need to pay attention to differences and incompatibilities. I also need to look for damage and flaws.

First up is the gear sets.

I think the only way to really evaluate the gear dogs is to strip them off their shafts. Plus it's a good opportunity to examine the shafts themselves for galling or overheating on the surfaces that the gears run on.

They come apart pretty easily although you will need a good set of snap ring pliers. There is one snap ring, however, that is more difficult to remove as it sits right up against the gear and the dogs of that gear get in the way somewhat.

I found it went much easier if I 1st stood the shaft upwrite in loosely tightend vice jaws. Then, while holding the snap ring open with one hand, I tapped the shaft with a rubber mallot. This forces the gear (resting on the vice jaw) to push the ring past the groove.

This photo shows that ring. You can see it rests against the gear in a recess that makes it less straightforward to remove.

And here is the ring after it has been pushed pass the groove.

Some of the gears on one motor were in rough shape. I found pitting in several gear teeth. There was also damage resulting from engine case material falling into the gear set when the kick start mechanism blew out.

Lets have a look...

Some of the gear dog pockets were pretty beaten up,

Other gears were found to be in great shape

I laid the parts for each gear set on the bench,carefully noting the condition of each part.

uh oh, rats, out of time... sorry, have to run, Ill have to come back to this.
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