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Originally Posted by TheTrav View Post
NEAT! I have a 76 DT250 myself. I'm curious to see how that sister model MX250 pipe you have works out. I have a pipe from a 73-74 MX250 which looks alot like the stocker but lighter and more of a chamber.. however never got it fitted. I also hav a hand-made pipe that two of us on Yamahaenduro had made, but it totally killed the low end, and I have never been able to make it work really good up top, but it wants to rev to the moon.. The consensus was those guys didn't know what they were doing.

I'm anxious to see this develop and see how it runs for you! What carb are you planning on using?
To tell you the truth I`ll be interested to see how it goes myself. The silencer at the end as I said was made for the exhaust, but never used. As a flat tracker, I will be using mostly mid to mid-high range so if there is any low end loss, it wont effect it too much. The biggest thing Im concerned about is the fact that its held together just after ther start of the pipe by springs. I`m not all that clued up on the way 2 stroke exhaust of this type work as the original had no joints and wonder about losing exhaust pressure through the joint.
Im using the stock carb it came with. Just putting a kit through it with a foam pod on the end. Ive also had a single cable made up for it as Im not using the oil pump. Im limited in what kind of carb I can use in the category Ill be in (pre `78), so there may be a bit of R+D along the way.
As for the rest of the bike I should have a more updated pic soon. Been trying to get a complete rolling chassis going and am being held up by of all things tyres. Ive been informed yesterday, that I`ll have them by Monday.
Til then..............
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