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I have run longer shocks in the interest of more cornering clearance. I am sure it is a bit harder on the U joint although I didn't run them long enough to find out. IMO, they make the bike too twitchy and tank slap happy. I think those shocks are shorter than stock by the photo of the bike being ridden and how it looks on the centerstand.

IMO those photos are a perfect example of why you want to run your gaiters down where they are suppose to be. They bunch up too much like that and they do restrict fork travel. Next time you have your springs out see for yourself. They should be pulled down to the ridge on the slider. That is what it is there for.

I don't look at this thread much because it pains me but here I am so . . . . I am no purist whatsoever. My bikes are modified quite a bit but I modify them in the interest of performance, not looks for the most part. I try not to laugh at all these posed photos of people standing up on beemers. A real scrambler would be down on the seat and leaning into a power slide on that smooth dirt or pea gravel! Lets see some roost!!! Oh well, even American glossy mags are full of photos of someone trying harder to stick their knee out than they are trying to go around the corner faster than a turtle. I can spot them a mile off! It's the same only worse with the standing airhead riders. Don't get me wrong, I grew up riding MX and TT and I do stand up whenever it gets me down the whatever better but on smooth pea gravel? When I could be hauling ass? AND someone is there with a camera?!? Sit down and RIDE less you are hauling though some rough stuff! Then you will be standing up for real. That or get on a speedway bike!

I really am just trying to help. I have heard a lot of real dirt bike riders laughing about it and it is pretty silly.

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