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After I got back from southwick. I pulled the rear shock and sent it out to REP for a going over. While waiting for it to return I decided to go over the bike.

Rear wheel bearings were shot only a year old, the hub is worn so the seals let water in.

Needs rear brakes

Pulled carb to check reeds, intake flange had some cracking.. Ordered new one

Foot pegs got adjusted so that my feet can reach pedals

New gear shifter

fixed broken wire to voltage regualtor

Adjusted bars to better position

Installed new grips while doing so discovered throttle cable was about to break which led to me discovering throttle housing was cracked.

Still need to replace weeping clutch master but I am over budget this week.

Parts that were supposed to show up 2 days ago haven't
Parts that were supposed to show up via UPS today didn't
Parts that are supposed to show up Monday havent been shipped yet

Tuxedo Ridge HS 8 days away...
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