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Originally Posted by California View Post
While I don't want to slow the game down, I must remind you that this is not about pulling photos out of the files. This is supposed to be about getting on the bike and riding around aimlessly until you find the next number. Knowing how hard it can be to find the current numbe, and not wanting people to be bruced, I'm OK with a picture a couple of days old, as you may have grabbed it expecting the number might change while you're on the road..

What do the players on here think? Do we need a file prevention device, or just let it go wherever it wants?

Opinions welcomed, although, as my father used to say.........

"you are entitled to your own opinion, no matter how stupid it is....

I have found, in other games, that a file prevention device is just a pain in the ass and discourages players.

As far as file photos, I think other than the odd road sign or such there will be very few file photos of numbers.
Yea, whatever.
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