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Thanks, I ended up skipping mine though. Couple of reasons, the main one being that I got something in my eye on Thursday and think I scratched it or something, dunno but can't/won't put a contact in it with it hurting. Goggles aren't the kind you wear glasses with so that's out.

The other reason is they've had it posted for months but never posted a schedule. 3 other guys that were going to go to the race 1. was miffed at no schedule 2. resting up his knee for next weekend 3. just put in an autoclutch and it's not ready or dialed in or something.

Bummer thing is the schedule sounds awesome. All classes are running individually for a 3 lap race. My buddy who is there(and called us all wimps for not going) txted me about it. He's running in two classes as well, said the track was a wide open highway. No idea why they never posted a schedule after multiple requests from multiple people but pretty sure they would have had a lot more people show up if they knew what format was being run.

I dunno, it's like people don't want to promote things. We have two bike get togethers this weekend, 1 at K&N today and a vintage bike meet at Brookside motor company on Sunday. I just found out about them on Friday and put the thread so that everyone could see it on TSR. I could have had that up for weeks. Also saw nothing on facebook about it either. Just doesn't make sense to me sometimes. With as many ways to promote stuff via the internet, lots of shops/events just don't take advantage of it at all.

Ah well, riding next weekend hopefully. Also Gruber hare scramble is on, I'll probably go take more pictures and whatnot.

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