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Sat AM

So, despite having brand new bikes (both matching triple black), and street tires RFlagg and Gail decide to join us for the dirt ride. Everything starts well enough, but within the first hour we are being pelted with sleet. After gassing the bikes in Monteray, we head back to woods.

As I start to slow down and put my blinker, and Dorito goes down. So there I am lead bike, sliding on my back down the center of the tarmac. For those that haven't been fortuitous enough to have the experience, it's actually quite relaxing to just slide down the road. It's quite flat for one, and an interesting combination of G-forces!

The skid mark (and Gail in the ditch..)

The gouge in the pavement:

Surprisingly little damage:

Bent the foot peg bracket:

Now, while Blaster is watching his wife slide down the road like ricochet rabbit, Gail calls "ditch". He decides that he's going to sympathetically crash his new 4,000 mile on the odometer bike. He actually did a nice job of putting the bike in a soft spot. He was mentally hoping that EOD3MC wouldn't be wanting the same ditch. Really, now we are fighting for ditch rights

Blaster sees his foot pinned and goes to his aid:

Honestly, I really couldn't tell you what went wrong or what I would have done differently in the future. I just think it was old crappy pavement, which was slicker than snot with perhaps a bit of sneet covering it, and a touch less rear brake. Both bikes starting sliding about the same spot.

I guess Gail could now join the ranks of TTRU and wear his sticker proudly!

You ain't getting to I-81 from here...EVAR!

This place is goolish at best..

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