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OK its been a little while since I gave you an updated pic of the bikes progress. Since getting the bike back from being powder-coated, I set about putting it back together. I wanted to basically have a finished rolling chassis before I started on the motor. I didnt want a new motor sitting round while I did the frame.
I had a hard time finding a 1976 DT250 tank. There was a few in the US, but they all looked a little cruddy, and the inside, no matter how they were described were really an unknown quantity. Also the postage was at times more than the tank itself. Luckily my favourite swap meet was coming up and there sitting on a bench was a nice 1976 DT100 tank. It was nearly the same shape with little damage and the inside looked in good nick. For $70 down from $150, I thought I got a good deal.
So I sanded the tank back to bare metal, then primed and painted it. A DT250 decal kit was on its way from the US and with a very shaky hand (I was nervous I was going to stuff it up) I applied said decals with as little bubbles as possible. A quick prick with a pin soon fixed any bubbles and then a few coats of clear over the tank again and she was good to go. All Im waiting on now is the petcock for it.
The seat was next. Basicly it was a simple case of recovering it in vynal and it didnt come out too bad for a first time.
The forks were given a once over on a buff to bring them back to a bit of a shine and new fork seals, dust covers, new oil and fork gators were next on the list. Then it was onto the wheels. The spokes and hubs werent in too bad condition, however I did give them a going over with a wire wheel and a touch of paint (I know. Tacky but it worked) they were good to go.
Today I finally got my new tyres. I have to run a trials type tyre on the rear and any type of knobbie on the front.
So there you have it. The motor is next. I have new crank bearings. Big and small end bearings. New crank and cugeon pin. And a full seal kit. I havent bought the piston kit yet as I will have it looked at to see what size over-sized set I need.
So the next time I have an update to post it should be a finished product.
Til then...............

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