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Day 2

Decided that I would take a ride over to Rella's Cafe for lunch. Nice little 65 mile ride to get there. Little did I know...

It started off easy enough.

Then I found Panther Run Road. Using the word road to describe this goat path is being generous to a fault. It was not a trail I should have attempted riding solo, but stupidity and stubbornness won out over intelligence and prudence. Here is a picture of where I stopped to catch a breath and remove the rubber inserts from the footpegs. It is as easy section and the rocks I am standing on to take the picture are about 18 - 24 inches tall. Oh yeah, that flat section leading up to the rocks? It ain't flat.

but the views were pretty nice

I do think that I may be leading a hero ride to Rella's next year. I thought that I was getting video of Panther Run and Zambaugh Road (also rather interesting), but I discovered that my video camera does not stop when the memory is full. It just writes over the older stuff. Fuck.

I guess I will just have to post more pictures.

Holly River State Park

and the famous Rella's fridge. Hey Blooch, there seems to be a decal missing from the collection.

Look Ma, no chicken strips!

I must say that I am seriously impressed with the tires that I have on there now. At the time of the picture, they had between 2500 and 3000 miles on them. Not too shabby for knobbies on a big ADV bike. Great in the dirt, competent on pavement and even provide some traction on wet pavement. I do believe that I will continue to use them. Oh yeah, they are Pirelli Scorpion Rallys.

Day 3 in the works
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