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Originally Posted by ballisticexchris View Post
Hey there Michael, Now I see!! Those rack loops are way cool! Thanks for posting pics of those. When I take delivery of my Beta( about a month and a half) I'm going to set it up with a US 5 on each side. I really did not like the idea of using "footman loops" for mounting small soft bags. I am thinking the rack loops would make it doable.

I have been looking for something that does not go across my seat when doing hardcore single track. I like the modular setup. I could use the US 10 as a tailbag and simply strap it to a R15 backpack when the going gets rough.

I will post lots of pics when I get it setup!

Here is the basic bike:

And with a rear enduro rack:

Thanks again for all the detailed pics of your products!
Hey Chris,

First off; congrats on the new bike! Those Betas are super trick!

To answer your query: the US-5 are designed as bolt-on fender packs (2 x M4 bolts per strap drilled directly into the bike panels: full instructions here) for hardcore dual sport riding. And as you say, a pair can also be side-slung as shown in the 'Twin Pack' section of this page: Be aware that the US-5 is a minimal pack, generally used for carrying only the essentials e.g. spare tubes, tools, waterproofs, medical supplies etc. Each one has 5 liters of storage (approx. 305 cubic inches), so whether they are right for you depends on what you need to carry.

The new Rack Loop mounting system is also designed for hardcore off-road riding, so you don't need to worry about it causing any issues, regardless of what size US pack (10, 20 or 30-liter) you mount using them. Rack Loops were developed to allow dirt bike riders to carry bigger packs securely. They are not necessary for the US-5, but will work with them. However, the distance you'd need to drill the holes for the Rack Loops would vary between the US-5 and the other US packs (the US-10 through 30 will all fit the same Rack Loop position), on account of it being a significantly smaller pack.

Also, Rack Loops were not intended to be used for side mounting. Neither were the US-10, 20 or 30. Rack Loops be fine for US-5s, but bigger packs require more support / security and a different design to our US packs, which is why the Overlander bags were developed. If you want to side mount anything bigger than a pair of US-5s, it's be best to take a look at the Overlander 30. That said, any of our US packs could be securely fitted to your Enduro rack, or fitted using Rack Loops drilled into your rear fender.

So, based on what you have told me, it sounds like this is the equipment you might want:

  • 2 x US-5 (no additional mounting gear required, other than the bolts, which are available at any hardware store etc)
  • 1 x US-10 tail pack (comes with Alloy Hook Straps included)
  • 1 x Rack Loops (set of 4 - due for release imminently - precise date tbc)
  • 1 x R15 backpack (US-10 can be attached to it easily, but this is not really necessary when rack mounted using the included Alloy Hook Straps on the US-10, or fender mounted with Rack Loops)
And - if I may be so bold - by the sound of it, a Hydrapak hydration system for the R15, might come in useful too!

Hope that helps, but feel free to give me a shout (post on here, email or call 504.872.9367) if you need any more info.

All the best,

'Ave it.

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