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Originally Posted by BigOhio View Post
Interested in picking up a small back pack for day trips in order to hold a few tools and water. Problem is that I am about 6' 4" with a 52" chest and have had problems finding something that fits around me. Does Kriega offer anything that would fit?
Hey Big!

The Kriega R15 ( or R20 ( should be a great fit (possibly with the optional Hydrapak hydration system which can hold 3L of fluid in a far more space efficient, convenient and comfortable configuration than bottles:

They both (along with the significantly bigger R30) have an adjustable upper harness, which enables you to incrementally lengthen the straps to a size that is comfortable for you and can easily accommodate riders of pretty much all shapes and sizes.

Hope that helps, but do let me know if you would like any further info.


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