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Hey G Man,

Did we get you taken care of?

The WT300 Spider is a Bluetooth adapter that plugs into a walkie talkie and pairs with a Bluetooth headset. In other words, the WT300 puts the walkie talkie conversation in your helmet.
It includes a wireless Push To Talk (PTT) remote that can be mounted on your handlebars which opens and closes the channel. If that doesn't work for you, the WT300 also has VOX capabilities so the channels opens when you talk.
Its compatible with either Motorola or Uniden walkie talkies for communication and it also has an auxiliary jack for radar detectors or iPod Nanos etc.

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I've recently purchased the HBC100. I like it because it's has a boomless mic, and therefore fits well with the Nolan N104 that i have. Audio quality with phone calls is good for the most part, but i encountered lots of weird static noise in intercom mode. This happened even whilst in a quiet room (i was doing that to test the system). On the road it was much worse, the noise cancelling didn't seem to work. I've just sent the units back for repair/exchange and i hope this gets sorted out.

Anyway, on to my actual question, since i have a pair of HBC100s, i would like to get the WT300, but i don't know much about it yet.

When will the WT300 be available? If you can, please share how it compares with the SENA SR10? From the reviews it seems like a good product. However i would rather buy the WT300 if possible.
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