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Originally Posted by Cyclops Motorsports View Post
Its a bit early to show a photo, But we do need to know how many sets we are building.
Here is the first set out of the molds, shown here not completely trimmed.. A bit rough on cosmetics due to the fact we mainly wanted to get these for a fit check and trim line reference. .Finished parts will be clear coated.
The Final parts will be something you are proud to install on your bike. Mounting will be customer provided silicone adhesive.
Pricing is 220 per set plus shipping via paypal. Looks like it wont be an issue to provide gloss or slightly textured/matte finishes.
Please PM if you are interested in getting a set..
As I previously posted, I'm interested but I have a question. From my car club days I know there are plenty of CF after-market parts. Although they were advertised as CF, they were actually "CF-look" parts: They looked like CF but were purely cosmetic pieces that had none of the structural strength of a "real" protective CF parts. They weren't laid-up with multiple layers, let alone autoclaved.

What are your pieces?
Originally Posted by Stevie2wheels
Even so I wouldn't sit there like a shag on a rock, waiting to be punched up the arse into next week by the next negligent drongo who happens to come along.
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