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Originally Posted by DangerMoney View Post
As I previously posted, I'm interested but I have a question. From my car club days I know there are plenty of CF after-market parts. Although they were advertised as CF, they were actually "CF-look" parts: They looked like CF but were purely cosmetic pieces that had none of the structural strength of a "real" protective CF parts. They weren't laid-up with multiple layers, let alone autoclaved.

What are your pieces?

Good Q and I totally Understand.

You are very correct.. Lots of crap out there.
I detailed the layup schedule precisely earlier in this thread CF,Fiberglass and Kevlar.

I can make an all Kevlar piece if you like??

A bit about myself and my knowledge of Composites.
Before I started Cyclops I spent 25 years as a Composite Toolmaker and eventually a Manager of a high end Composites and prototype facility I also make Carbon Fiber shin and Arm guards used in competition Downhill skiing. Ive done hundreds if not thousands of Boeing, MD,Cessna and others Composite Tooling and Parts.

I do know what I am doing
These parts are not Autoclaved. They are compression molded, Autoclaves are vastly becoming an unnecessary part of Composite fabrication.

Rest assured these parts will provide the protection you need, They may not protect against a gun shot, but will certainly do the trick from a moderate laydown or rock that might fly up or inadvertently poke your tank.
When Quality matters,Its all about choices.
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