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There are alot of people in Indonesia. 237 million alot. Making it the 4th (after China, India, and the USA) most populous country in the world. Java, the the main island, is one of the most densly populated places on earth. 5x as many people per square/kilometer than Germany or the US state of Virginia. The sheer numberof people in such a small space will be key to our experience here.

Jakarta (like all third world mega cities) has an interesting combination of super rich and super poor. Where we stayed in was green, clean, wide open spaces, and super modern. We took a walk one day. There was a wall at the end of our street. A tall concrete wall with a small hobbit sized opening. We stepped through and crossed in to another world. Poor Jakarta. Incredibly crowded. Dirty. Piles of stinking trash. Zombie cats. Garbage and people and smells everywhere. Too many people in too small a space. I thought it was interesting they had built this wall with a small hole (I assume to let day laborers back and forth so they could cut my nice grass) to separate the worlds. No direct access by road though. Just one tiny hole.

No pictures from the poor side. It didn't feel right to shove my camera at a dirty child wallowing in a pile of trash. It was super disturbing though.

Can you guess which side is rich and which is poor?

Fancy new Jakarta

Crossing worlds.

Ojek (scooter taxi) drivers
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