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2 April 2012

Jakarta to Padalarang 2 (near Bandung) via Jonggol.

Today was complete shit!
The traffic was shit (it took us five hours to go 25 miles but never really stops long enough to rest your hands or find neutral. Just constant clutch and gas control)!
The weather was shit (boiling steamy hot while we were crawling through traffic then darkness and pouring rain as soon as the road opened up)!
My bike was shit (luggage broke off, problems with heat)!
A lesson about luggage planning, don't put your passport or valuables in something that might come off!
My headset (Cardo Systems ScalaRider G4) was shit (reboots every time I switch back to music from intercom, WTF)!
Our luck was shit (Anna's brand new iPhone 4S get's boned from just a drop of rain)
We covered 90 miles in 12 hours. My ass, hands, legs and everything else are incredibly sore. They say the road is beautiful on this route but I don't know since we covered most of it in the dark after spending 5 hours in traffic!
And the good side, Anna is pretty patient, everyone we meet is super friendly, and I finally lured a midget in to the sidecar.

I was feeling pretty motivated and clean as we rolled out from the hotel. Conditions soon to change!

No bikes permitted on the toll rod. To the congestion with you! On the good side the police escort to the nearest exit was the fastest we drove all day. Also no fines involved. Bonus!

Going nowhere fast! Hour and hours of this.


Failure to consider Indonesian roads when installing this luggage. It would have come off completely and been lost forever in the dark if some nice biker guy hadn't waved us over.
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