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Today's outing was not a long one. I hadn't been out the house long when I realised that there was an issue with my bike. I couldn't get over 45mph. I had noticed this on the return leg of the trip to Glen Coe but had assumed it was because I was riding into a strong wind. The sluggishness was not caused by mother nature however, but by a chain that was far too loose. I will sort that once I've finished today's report.

I had spent Saturday night in South Queensferry at a wedding. It's a nice enough wee place that would be virtually unknown if it wasn't for its proximity to one of Scotland's most famous landmarks. The Forth Bridge. There are two bridges here and people often get mixed up when talking about them due to the similarity of the names. You'll probably get mixed up as I babble on about them on here. The aforementioned Forth Bridge is the original (and best). It is a rail bridge, so is often referred to as the Forth Rail Bridge. Then there is the Forth Road Bridge. It is also a nice bridge and you'll see it shortly, but I think you'll agree it doesn't quite have the majesty of The Forth Bridge.

Being the son of an engineer, I had grown up with an appreciation for a good bridge. I climbed the one in Sydney, and I'll be abseiling off the Forth Bridge in June for charity in memory of my father. Have a wee look here if you would like to make a donation. Thank you ever so much if you do.

Most of my time at the wedding was spent gazing at the bridge, so I decided to come back with my bike and my camera and let you lot see it too.

So my journey took me east. Queensferry isn't far away at all. Only 18 miles. The road is quite nice though. After passing through a village called Newton, you're treated to a fantastic view of both the bridges together:

A few miles after that and you're in Queesferry. The main street running through is narrow and cobbled. It has a lot of character:

Here is Queensferry from the other side. The road bridge reaches clean over the village to drop cars off at the other side:

The Forth Road Bridge:

The Forth Bridge:

A view from the foot of one of the stone pillars:

In the photos where you can see under the bridge, you should be able to make out a small island. That is Inchgarvie. Its main use has been that of a defensive position and had been used in that capacity from the middle ages all the way up to the Second World War. At one point however in 1497, it moonlighted as a syphilis colony. Hope they washed it before going back.


Some birds:

So that's that. I'm off to sort my chain. Will I reach 55mph? Will I change the thread title if I do? Tune in next week!
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