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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
This is a business disguised as something else. It should be bumped to vendors.

I could see a fellow helping a friend, but a steady turnover of used motorcycles with the OP making markets as a principal is just not what he claims. He is not credible.

The only reason he wants the thread here is to promote his services to people planning trips to the US.

This is so sad.... what a profit can someone make if he drives, after work, an hour to check out a bike, sends loads of emails, pics etc, check out a bike and pick it up, store it for a while etc.?
I think someone may ask a 'fee' to pay simply for the costs he makes.....

And all the effort and bike-love he invests is for FREE! Sad to read some people cannot understand this behaviour.

Matin: don't let this wreck your enthusiasm; you are a super honest guy and the travel-community should be bloody happy with guys like you!

This is a guy I would trust my full travel-budget to if needed, and that cannot be said about a lot of people!
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