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well if you go buy a bike and it doesnt run i would definitely ask the seller if you can pull the cylinder to see if there is any damage to the crank or the piston cause it can get pretty pricey to fix that stuff if your trying to keep your build cheap, and parts can sometimes be hard to find. so bring some tools but the two strokes for most brands in this year range are extremely easy to get to and remove.
thanks for the advice. finding the right bike on the cheap is proving to be a challenge so far. i guess the early 80's bikes are old enough to be considered 'vintage' now because it seems like they go for as much as a mid to late 90's bike if they run. but the majority of them either don't run, are missing parts, plastic is broken or badly sun-faded, etc, etc.

i'm scouring craigslist like a mad man lately though lol
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