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How hard can it be?
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Originally Posted by WW Ronin View Post
I'm jealous. When I had Woody make my wheels, I stayed with the 17" rear which was a mistake as I am primarily interested in dirt. Oh well. Maybe I'll have him make me a 18" rear that I can use for dirt then switch my 17" to a more road biased tire. I wonder if I can switch out the 17" to 18" and back with the same length chain? I guess it would also depend on if I changed the size of the rear sprocket. Someone must have tried this. I guess I'll ask Woody if I ever get around to it.
I'm about to. An 18 inch Woody wheel being built now, with a 45 tooth rear and the stock size chain. I did order a 15 tooth front sprocket too though. I'm a bit worried about the tire hitting my mud gaurd thing because the chain will be pretty short.
I'll have one if you do.....
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