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4 April 2012
Mason Pine hotel to hydro-electric dam and back

Today was the first real good day. We went back to the main road from last night. It looked like it woudl have been a beautiful drive in the daylight and I still wanted to see the bridge. The sun was shining, the road was smooth and there was little traffic. Views were beautiful.

The bridge ended up being a large hydroelectric dam. Pretty cool sight.

On the way back we ran in to traffic in the city again. All are equal on Indonesia's slow moving streets. The horse goes as fast as your car. And overheats less :)

It rained in the evening (as it always does) and I helped some frogs to fall in our giant pool. Awesome watching them swim in clear water.

Everyone moves at the same speed in city traffic. And it's probably more comfortable on the horse than the bike.

Corn spread out on the street to dry.

Great driving today

Actually I'm rolling down this hill backwards!
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