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7 April
Ciwidey to Sukomulyo, Rowokele, Kebumen Regency, Central Java
via Banjaran and Majalaya
298km - 10 hours

It's a strange feeling when you wake up at 7am to the noises of people posing for pictures with your bike outside your hotel window. It's nice to be riding such a unique machine but also there's a bit of "please stop touching that" worry. It happens all the time though and we're getting used to it. Curiosity absolutely trumps personal property here. Even if I park in the middle of a forest and put the rain cover on, I'll come back the next day to find the cover not quite like I left it, one bungee cord missing, and the fuel petcock and kill switch turned to where they should not be. In city parking lots with paid attendants we often turn around after ten paces to look back at the bike and find the attendant and his friend joyously bouncing up and down on it as if they were in a rodeo. Isn't that exactly what I pay you to not do?

I'm super excited about today. We're going to Borobudur, one of those large, lost for for ages to the jungle then rediscovered by an intrepid European being carried on a chair by locals, temple-ish type places.
Also it feels like we are really getting somewhere now. Making time. The farther I get from Jakarta, the larger the gap I see on the map, the better I feel.

It's about 380km from here to there but I think we can make. 'cause I'm naive like that. Slow learner.

The going is slow. When we briefly hit 50km/h (30mph) it feels too fast, like we're careening out of control.

It's dark and darker. It begins to rain alot. I can't see the road. We almost made it. 80km short. Stop for the night.

Exhausted but need dinner. Menu understanding fail. I'll always remember the first time I ate barbecue sheep stomach.

Delicious BBQ sheep stomach


I just like this shot.

And this one too.
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